Entering the Malaysian market in 2000, Black & White Printercare Sdn Bhd brought with it a fresh approach and has noticed a marked sharpening in quality awareness among clientele. Encouraged by Dato Robert S. K. Lim to begin trading in Malaysia, Black & White Printercare Sdn Bhd (the printer arm of The Black & White Group) has been able to enhance the daily operations of clientele.

Opening its offices in Subang Square, Subang Jaya was a landmark in the establishment and growth of Group’s operations.  A progression through a larger service centre in Bandar Sunway has seen the Group evolve into a client focussed boutique business based in Ara Damansara, Selangor.

What we do… 

Black & White Printercare is an established full service company based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  With skilled staff, the company services a variety of clientele and currently views itself as a boutique specialist provider presenting a formidable service standard which few – if any – can match.  Our approach is to ensure the uptime of your printers… that is to ensure that when you send a file to print – it will print!; and to ensure that when the client needs parts – we deliver.

Many organizations will tell you about minimizing the downtime of your equipment.  This strikes us as a very negative approach; why should you experience downtime?  Think of maximizing uptime… we do! 

The conglomerated organisation centred by the principal covers the full range of functions from the training of technicians; sale of the hardware units, through bare unit leasing and supply of consumables, through to full service leasing and maintenance 

I.   Maintenance of all marques of office printers
II.  Supply of parts
III. Supply of detailed devices on a loan basis
IV. Supply of Consumables
V.  Lease/Rental of Equipment
VI. Training

Why pick us?

The Unique Edge:

Black & White Printercare is untainted with delivery failure.  As in many arenas, service providers promise much and generally deliver little; Black & White Printercare can truly demonstrate a service standard without this taint.  The support and knowledge backing of the supply team standing behind the Company gives resource depth far beyond anything previously available regionally.

Our technical team are seen in and around many of the major organizations in Malaysia.  Key clients include Fujitsu and Mesiniaga and through them the Malaysian Police Service, many of the leading banks and insurance companies, and of course a diverse array of other major entities.  Our services are utilised also by IBM, Lexmark, and HP.

Why do they choose Black & White?  We believe it is because of our work ethic and our service standard.  Of course implicit in that is a skill level far above any similar organization operating in Malaysia.

Among our range of services is our internationally acclaimed technical training course for printer technicians.  Delivered throughout the Asia Pacific region, this training course is acknowledged as an industry leader. 

  • Exceed your expectations. We deliver ahead of time and under budget! 
  • Reduce & control operating costs 
  • Unequalled flexibility…WE CAN! WE HAVE! WE DO NOT FAIL! 


As the Premier choice 

Black & White Printercare:

  • Provides unparalleled service support and maintenance with quality service standards which are the envy of others in the marketplace 
  • Offers a comprehensive range of quality parts and whole printers at competitive pricing with extended warranty 
  • Boasts highly qualified locally and internationally trained technicians 
  • Offers leasing of printers at low rates on full support to assist your cash flow 
  • Provides technical training with an internationally acclaimed training course and internationally acclaimed trainers 
  • Supports all make and models 
  • Supplies all consumables at a rate that saves your money 
  • Fully backed by the Black and White Group with a parts reservoir being one of the largest in the Asia pacific region