The conglomerated organisation centred by the principal covers the full range of functions from the training of technicians; sale of the hardware units, through bare unit leasing and supply of consumables, through to full service leasing and maintenance.

  • Maintenance of all marques of office printers
  • Supply of parts
  • Supply of detailed devices on a loan basis
  • Supply of Consumables
  • Lease/Rental of Equipment
  • Training
Services offered:

  • Maintenance – focused on the needs of the end user and to the highest of world competitive standards. Generally the service levels are (when considering printers for instance) that the user will be printing again within one hour of the technician arriving on site; that the response time will be according to the rated mission criticality of the unit and generally either four hours or same day; all units are serviced at least twice annually to ensure world standard preventive maintenance is carried out and the efficiency of the unit is maintained; exchange or swap out units are used where workshop repair is required and a loaner unit is utilized at no charge to contract clientele.
  • Supply of parts for all printers utilized in the marketplace regardless of the format (laser, dot matrix, inkjet, plotter), and regardless of brand. All parts come with a market leading warranty which is in excess of six times that offered by the leading OEM suppliers.
  • Supply of detailed devices on a lease/rental basis (with a suggested term of two years) with ongoing replacement as required. Equipment supplied is according to the throughput/usage needs of the end user. Technical advisory services to determine these requirements is supplied at no charge as a part of the offered services.
  • Consumables supplied are of world standard and warrantied for performance to at least the originally rated performance of the unit. Consumables can be supplied to contract based on projected and actual usages of the units leased/rented.
  • Lease/Rental – In the case of a lease/rental arrangement; as the term of the lease/rental reaches expiry, replacement units will be proposed for the replacement term. At all times the Black & White Printercare will welcome scrutiny of the rollover proposal against market proposals.
  • Training in all technical aspects of printer maintenance and the operation of small businesses in the field of printer servicing