An Invitation to spread YOUR Corporate Image and Message

Imagine one million people watching YOUR event.  Imagine your corporate message being spread to YOUR potential client base for RM0.06 per person.

Direct message selling.. direct reach and contact… handled professionally

 100 targeted clients televised wearing YOUR Corporate identity

30 minute televised (in prime time) event identified as YOUR Corporate event

No “co-sponsoring” – just YOUR event

Pre and Post event promotion

Copies of televised program available for direct distribution to clientele 

The Black & White Group can arrange this.  Call us 03 7847 2638


Compare the alternatives:

Printing a glossy flyer

  • Printing cost RM0.10 each
  • Distribution RM0.02 each
  • Negative spin when glossy flyers seen en masse in trash 

Newspaper advertisement

  • Cost for the day RM10000
  • Readership… small percentage of paper circulation
  • Dilution of message when crowded with other advertisements

Trade Shows

  • Reliant on foot traffic and promotion by show promoters
  • Labour cost heavy
  • Printed data centric


The Black & White Group arranges corporate promotional events

Primarily (but not exclusively) utilising a Golf platform utilising its successful HY-Brid and HyperDrive formats as well as a standard (although less appealing to TV audiences) golf day. The Black & White Group charges a single flat fee and makes the event happen.  There are no “cost overruns”; there are no “hidden extras”.  A single fee sees the following result:

The (your business) HyperDrive Event

–          all competitors either wearing YOUR corporate cap or YOUR corporate shirt
–          18 holes of golf with 9 holes of HyperDrive points included
–          Top 12 HyperDrive points scorers move to HyperDrive shootout at end of round of golf
–          (your business) HyperDrive champion named

Event recorded for television, edited, packaged and shown on prime time viewing nationally

Commentary provided by Professional World Ranked Long Drive Champion

Event Title “(your business) HyperDrive Championship”

Eight Competitor entries reserved for Sponsor VIPs

Endorsement and support of event by Asian Long Drive Association with feature of event on Asian Long Drive Association Website

Event held at prestigious locations to enhance profile of event

If promotion of your Corporate Message to one million people appeals to you call us

03 7847 2638 

The Black & White Group 

Promoting Asian Long Drive Association Events